Family Dentistry

At Inspire Dental, we offer a full scope of family dentistry in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We are a family-owned dental practice, which means we can provide patients with the care that you would expect from family. You will receive personal attention from Dr. Ford and his knowledgeable team, who will gladly discuss every aspect of your dental treatment.

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Preventative & General Dentistry

Our team is here to help you and your family have the healthy smile you deserve. We focus on preventative care, including regular dental cleanings and dental hygiene education for all ages. We are committed to your oral health and wellness.

Comprehensive Care 

At Inspire Dental, we want all of our patients to receive the comprehensive dental care they deserve. To help achieve this, our doctors and staff go above and beyond to get a thorough sense of your overall health. The more we understand every aspect of your current health status, the better we can serve you with healthy teeth and gums.


You deserve a smile you’re proud of. That’s why Dr. Ford and our team offer comprehensive evaluations for our patients. Our approach to dental care emphasizes communication and education so that we can help you understand what’s going on in your mouth and give you a plan for treatment.


Dr. Ford is certified to provide Invisalign clear aligner orthodontic treatment to help you achieve the smile you deserve.


Looking to brighten your smile? We offer in-office and take-home options. Sometimes referred to as bleaching, whitening can be a great way to get ready for a wedding or special event.

dental implants

You have options to help bring your teeth and bite into natural function and form. One of those is dental implants. Dr. Ford has pursued extensive additional training in order to provide dental implant surgery in our practice. 


Occasionally, the best treatment option is to remove, or extract, an unhealthy tooth. Dr. Ford is able to provide both standard extractions, as well as more involved surgical extractions right in our practice.


Root canal therapy, also known as endodontics, is sometimes required to deal with a non-vital tooth, which can cause severe pain and toothaches. Dr. Ford can help relieve your discomfort, and provide root canal therapy right in our practice.

Emergency treatment

Dental discomfort and pain can be hard to bear. With the latest in technology, including 3D CBCT x-rays, and extensive training on extractions, surgical extractions, root canal therapy, and restorative dentistry, Dr. Ford and the team at Inspire Dental are here to help make you comfortable, and diagnose and treat the cause.


Cosmetic dentistry can range from Invisalign clear aligner orthodontic treatment, to veneers, crowns, or dental composites, in order to help create the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 


When cavities or decay are found on a healthy tooth, the first step is to remove the affected area. In order to restore that tooth or teeth to normal aesthetics and function, a crown is custom fabricated out of strong, tooth-colored porcelain. 

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